HAB Setup….

This has been something I’ve been working on for almost 6 months now, and I still haven’t gotten a single successful launch over 100 feet (and even then I didn’t know where it was if it wasn’t for my own sight). The goal is to get a SBC (Single Board Computer, remember we talked about them in my past posts?), most likely a Pi Zero since it’s super light, add some microprocessors to it, and then attach it to a big helium balloon where it can theoretically get up to 100km (which is basically space – you can see Earth Read More

Bought a house!!!

I apologize for this being the second non-tech post back to back, but what can I say I’m excited! Never thought that would happen, ever. We did get a steal though and also lucked out with the bank approving us. The house is GORGEOUS. It looks like a multi-million dollar house. And it’s going to increase in value amazingly because of the area. It even has a swimming pool! We just closed on it (my wife and I) and we couldn’t be happier. We will probably move in anywhere from Jan 1st to March 1st (there’s currently tenants, and we Read More

Not Divorced…..

So it turns out my wife and I gave it another try before signing the paperwork for a divorce. This stuff really isn’t easy, like not at all!

But we are buying a house now, and she’s officially changed her last name to mine (which was important to me) and she hadn’t done it before.

We both grew a lot with this. Was it fun? Hell no. But I think we are a better couple today then we used to be.

Raspberry Pi 4’s!!!!!!!!

Now on to a better topic, the Rasperberry Pi 4’s are out a year early! It’s so funny because this blog has a great percentage devoted to other SBC’s (Single Board Computers) after I couldn’t get enough juice out of Pi’s. And now they went and solved almost exactly to the tee my complaints with the 3+B model. Scary. First off, it comes in three models. The 1GB, the 2GB, and the 4GB models. You’re an idiot if you buy the 1GB model, as that’s what it had in memory before, and that’s the major upgrade (let’s not kid ourselves). Read More

Other Single Board Computers (SBC)..

So lately I’ve been tinkering a lot with other single board computers. Don’t get me wrong, Pi’s are awesome and the community support behind them is amazing. But even the most powerful model (the Pi 3+ B) is seriously lacking in power for some applications. Capped at 1GB of RAM and not a great CPU, there’s only so much you can do. And you really can’t use it as a daily computer, maybe that’s just me, but I can’t, it’s just too slow. And it really gets to me when it takes 10 seconds to load a web browser and Read More

Raspberry Pi’s for the win…..

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. Don’t know why I’ve been geeking out harder then ever. Guess I just haven’t felt like writing for some reason. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Raspberry Pi’s. The Pi Zero W model and the Pi 3+ B model. The smallest and the biggest basically. And for those reasons they are both awesome. The Pi Zero W is so small it really makes me think about the future of computing. I mean the thing is the size of a stick of gum, and weighs about as much too. And I have it configured Read More


Married. Wow. Yep. I’m married. Nov 16th 2018. Something I never thought would happen. Crazy. And I’m so totally cool about it. Been married about two weeks now and it seems the same, if not better. I don’t even know what the big deal is. Well actually I do. They’re with the wrong person that’s why. We’ve all been there. But when you know, you know. And it’s really not a big deal. Now to focus on the stuff that matters. My family. My business(es). My wife.

You have to have one bad day….lol..

Yesterday I found out my fiancee was still talking to her ex. About something to do with her brother, but she swore to me she blocked his number. We just talked about it that day ironically. Needless to say I was extremely upset. I felt the old me coming out, and I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. I actually got myself sick trying to prevent myself from letting him out. Fuck. Why did she do that? So much to gamble for nothing. Well I guess we’ll see what happens, but that was the absolute last thing Read More

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