Bought a house!!!

I apologize for this being the second non-tech post back to back, but what can I say I’m excited! Never thought that would happen, ever. We did get a steal though and also lucked out with the bank approving us. The house is GORGEOUS. It looks like a multi-million dollar house. And it’s going to increase in value amazingly because of the area. It even has a swimming pool! We just closed on it (my wife and I) and we couldn’t be happier. We will probably move in anywhere from Jan 1st to March 1st (there’s currently tenants, and we just don’t want to kick them out to the streets, we want to make sure they find a place, but March 1st is the absolute latest, I made sure to tell him that). Oh and best part, it’s a 5/3 house (mind you in the center of Miami, in a beautiful neighborhood, so now you understand why I say it’s a steal) so I get to build out one of the rooms as my ‘man-cave’. I can’t wait. I’m so tired of having electronics hidden away and spending more time looking for things then working on them. After this, that will be no more!

Ok, that’s it on that subject, back to geek stuff……

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