Raspberry Pi 4’s!!!!!!!!

Now on to a better topic, the Rasperberry Pi 4’s are out a year early! It’s so funny because this blog has a great percentage devoted to other SBC’s (Single Board Computers) after I couldn’t get enough juice out of Pi’s. And now they went and solved almost exactly to the tee my complaints with the 3+B model. Scary.

First off, it comes in three models. The 1GB, the 2GB, and the 4GB models. You’re an idiot if you buy the 1GB model, as that’s what it had in memory before, and that’s the major upgrade (let’s not kid ourselves). But the 4GB model, WOW. 4GB in a SBC the size of a pack of playing cards, yet weighing less I’d assume. That’s truly a moment in history.

Needless to say they have been sold out everywhere (except the 1GB model – I wonder why?), but I did manage to get one of the 2GB models and have a couple more of the 2GB and a couple of the 4GB models coming within the week (which I had to buy at stupid high prices – basically double what they are supposed to go for). And I bought 10 of the 4GB model (at the normal price) directly from Raspberry Pi, but those won’t even ship until Aug.1 (if you try and place an order now it’ll give you a ship date of past Sept!) so it’s going to be almost a month until I get that 10 pack, but it’s ok, they are worth the wait.

In playing around with the 2GB model that I have now, I can verify that it indeed does have 2GB of RAM (not like I thought they were going to lie about it) and it indeed has two out of the four USB ports running at USB 3. The other two are still USB 2 spec. But that’s all I need.

And a faster (more cored) processor……they really did right here if you ask me. Now you truly do have a computer (especially if you have the 4GB model) that can do basically anything except hardcore gaming and run any OS that produces an ARM image – all at a price range of around $50. I’m sorry, but that’s fucking amazing. Damn amazing.

I’m going to wait until my first 4GB model comes in the next few days (very excited) and then I’m going to benchmark the shit out of that thing. But I get feeling it’s going to be all gravy. The 2GB model passed with flying colors, no reason to believe the 4GB won’t. And just the difference between the 1GB and 2GB is EXTREMELY NOTICEABLE, I can only image the 4GB. It’s a full blown computer basically. Again, for $50.

Wait until I get my 4GB model…….

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