Raspberry Pi’s for the win…..

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. Don’t know why I’ve been geeking out harder then ever. Guess I just haven’t felt like writing for some reason.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Raspberry Pi’s. The Pi Zero W model and the Pi 3+ B model. The smallest and the biggest basically. And for those reasons they are both awesome.

The Pi Zero W is so small it really makes me think about the future of computing. I mean the thing is the size of a stick of gum, and weighs about as much too. And I have it configured to run a full linux distro with all tools and apps I want on it. The thing even has built in WiFi and BlueTooth for crying out loud. And what it requires for power consumption is a joke. Something like half a watt when idle and a full watt when in use. That’s nuts. I could run that thing from a tiny battery pack for a month without a problem. It’s so little you could even very easily use solar power for it – which applies to very few devices. And it’s a full computer. With a GUI desktop and everything. Crazy.

And then the Pi 3+ B is the biggest model. Even though much bigger then the Pi Zero W, I still wouldn’t call this thing ‘big’. It’s about the size of a normal computer mouse. And with it you can really feel the difference, there’s very little lag (which in the Pi Zero W there is) and it really does feel like a full computer. And we still aren’t talking about something very big too. It draws about 3-4 times what the Pi Zero W does power wise, but still, that’s not much, and could easily be done by a battery pack. And I’m sure even by solar.

Can you imagine what will be available in the years to come? Blows my mind.

But anyways, yeah that’s been my priority right now. Making the best image for both devices to make them into the ultimate pentesting tools. Now what I’m working on is automating them. That’s going to be tricky, but no reason why it can’t be done with enough time and effort put into coding.

I’ll keep everyone posted…..



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