Slowly making progess…

Main computer is acting better. Have it way more stable then before. Of course that’s as my new 2tb Samsung SSD shows up to replace my current one. Lol. I’m still going to clone it over.

My moms/sister rig is coming along very nicely. Just ordered some more RAM so it will have 24GB in total. Should be a nice AutoCAD station for my sister.

And just got her a new Macbook Pro 15″ just like mine. So she’ll definitely be all taken care of and good to go. I think I’ll give her old Macbook Pro to Carol. Don’t think she has a laptop, so might as well give her one.

IT Closet is coming along. Just need to figure out how to mount it in the closet without it coming down on itself.

And things with Carol just get better and better. Crazy.

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