On my fifth Win 10 install…awesome!

Something is up for sure. Like the title says I’m on my fifth Win 10 install so far, and I’m thinking a sixth is incoming soon. Getting weird errors. Just replaced the USB install disk (incase it somehow got corrupted or damaged). And I also went ahead and bought another 2tb SSD drive (WD 860 this time). So those are the most likely culprits. Let’s see what happens. But I’m getting tired of re-installing my OS at this point. Not to mention I have several other OS’s that I need to get installed as well once my primary is stable.

Really enjoying the Wifislax linux distro. Even though it’s made in spanish, I I really like the feel and flow of it. Way better then Kali if you ask me. And don’t even get me started on BlackArch, that distro can kiss my ass.

Still trying out a few others, so can’t say for sure my favorites just yet. But I know Wifislax is going to be up there for sure.

I still haven’t gotten the PtP link to my Mom’s yet. Really need to get that going. I think I’m going to use both our connections as fail-overs for each other. Her connection is relatively cheap, so honestly that has more worth then trying to cut it out and have her use my connection for her internet.

I just upgraded to a 1GB/sec line with Comcast/Xfinity. Wow. Never had anything remotely as fast. I have to get that new UBNT Gateway Pro up and running to maximize the true potential of it, but still these are all good problems to have.

Also building a rack in the IT closet. That should be fun. Lol.


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