Today (Sept 2, 18)

-I’m going to marry Carol. Wtf!?! So crazy yet I’m totally fine with it. Never ever thought this would happen to me.

-Got Pi up and running with display. No sweat. Working on getting Kali on there with some pentesting tools.

-Still working on getting all of Kali’s tools on OSX for my macbook pro.

-Finding myself falling back in love with tech, especially networking. Weird how much I like it. I find myself buying random routers for fun. I’m also typing into a WordPress install that I know nobody will read (nor do I want them to). So yeah getting more into tech lately. Lol. God I’d love to get that WISP going. That’d be so much fucking fun.

-Stephen’s moving in. I hope that works out even close to as good as it did with Patrick. I’m going to miss him. But I’m happy that he’s happy.

-Stephen and I both going on cycles. Looking forward to that but a tad concerned it might change my attitude or behavior (everything has just been so good lately).

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